Let me ask you a question…

Do you ever go to bed at night and worry if you are going to wake up the next morning?

Unless you have a medical reason to be worried about that, I would bet your answer is no, you don’t worry about it. And that’s because you assume you will wake up—you have infinite trust in your body to keep working all through the night so that you wake up in the morning.

Manifesting what you want in your life is EXACTLY like that! It requires that exact same level of infinite trust.

The problem is there’s all this stuff getting in the way of you having that same infinite trust in yourself and in the power of the Universe. Things like lies society has programmed in you and beliefs you’ve take on as “true” even if they’re really                   not, are blocking you from receiving what you’re asking for.

So, how do you move into that space where you fully trust yourself and trust the Universe to support you and guide you along your journey?

 By unraveling and dissolving the old ways of thinking and being, and embodying who you really are, at a soul level and an energy level.

The truth is, you already have all of the answers inside you right now. Answers that will allow you to create your dream life, all on your terms.

  You just need to learn how to connect with your inner guide and pull the answers out of you.




Magicfesting™ is manifesting at a vibrational, energetic level. It’s not just thinking about what you want, but actually moving into the space where you step into being who you really are, and trust that by showing up and doing your part, the Universe will meet you more than halfway.

 Manifesting is one of the gifts you are born with, just like intuition, which is another gift you came into your human body with.

  But you haven’t been experiencing or using these gifts in the way they were intended because you’ve gotten blocked over the years through the subconscious programming you received growing up, from society, your parents, your teachers and anyone else close to you. 

It’s time you stop looking to the outside for answers and instead learn to trust yourself and trust your inner guidance to give you all the answers you need to create and manifest whatever you desire.

I believe in a world where humans will evolve to a place where we’re embracing our soul gifts, the ones we came into our human bodies with. That is the world I want to create.  

What others say about working with LISSETH WERTZ
Unicorn Queen, MAGICfesting™ Queen

The MAGICfesting™ program is perfect for you if you want to:


Step into being the dream version of yourself on every level (mindset, emotions, physical body and energy)


Discover how to tap into your intuition so you can get the guidance and answers you need to create your dream life

Stop questioning and looking for answers outside yourself

Believe in and fully trust yourself and the Universe from the core of your being

YES! I am in!!!

What You Get in Magicfesting™

Kick Off Call
This call is to set intentions for the program and receive shared information about how things will happen each week.
There's magic happening from the moment we're together because the vibrational space for you to recognize and feel the
MAGIC that you are and experience your CREATOR powers is designed to begin on this first step of our ADVENTURE!
Stage 1: Taming the Horse, Bringing the Unicorn 

If you don’t learn how to manage your ego, then you’ll have a lot of conflict going on internally all of the time.

Your ego needs to be educated and transformed so you can actually experience growth.

In this module you will learn how to communicate with your ego..

Stage 2: Ask and You Shall Receive

You want to serve in a bigger way, which means it’s time to start listening to your soul and not to your ego. All of your desires come from your soul.

In this module you will learn how to ask for what you want, and how to push through the fear of asking for what you really want.

Stage 3 : Being Present and Unraveling

Most of the time you’re thinking about the past or worrying about the future, and that’s blocking you from paying attention to the messages you’re receiving right now.

In this module you will learn how to be present in your life and you’ll start to let go of your patterns and reframe old ways of thinking and being.

Stage 4: Allowing and Infinitely Trusting

There's a big difference between allowing and trusting—allowing is getting access to whatever you’re asking for and trusting is knowing deep inside yourself that there’s nothing to worry about.
In this module you will learn how to stop thinking you have to do it all yourself so you can start allowing and trusting in the Universe to do its part and show up for you.

Stage 5: The Magical Creation of Your Desires 
Now that you’ve dropped your barriers to allowing and trusting, it’s time to decide what you want to create and get into the space of connecting with the divine and with your guides. This is when 
you will really get into practice mode and be putting what you’ve learned so far into action.

In this module you will step into your power to create whatever you want.
Stage 6: Open to Receive

You actually have four different things that allow you to manifest and receive what you desire: your mind, emotions, physical body and energy level. Most people only focus on the mind, but we’ll be focusing on all four.

In this module you will learn all the different ways you can open yourself up to Divine Timing and receiving what you’re asking for.

Stage 7: Action Inspired by Being In-Spirit and Soul

Once you get unblocked and start letting things flow, you may find that you are overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration for actions you could take. And overwhelm often leads to not taking action.

In this module you will learn how to tap into your inner guidance so you always know which ideas and inspirations are most in alignment for you and that you should take action on.

More experiences shared
"I just wanted to share today I received my clearing from Lisseth Wertz. I just have to say WOW, HOW AMAZING SHE IS!!! ;) She is truly awesome...and so good...I feel AMAZING...I feel NEW...So much energy and emotions. We are truly MAGICAL BEYOND!! I'm just so very grateful for you and what you do!!!I have had an emotional day...Up and down...Feeling scared and sadness, but once I acknowledged it, I meditated and released it right away. My emotions are happy as of now. I even had an AWESOME day with my Love (husband)! I love knowing things are always in my favor and I''m knowing the now!!! My thoughts and feelings led me to my emotions which I'm turning around as soon as I feel or acknowledge them! THANK YOU SO MUCH LISSETH!!!"
Josephine Kiefer, Health and Fitness Coach
"Wow. Just had a session with Lisseth to support what I want to #magicfest and I experienced EXTREME transformation. I started extremely constricted and not being able to grab any thoughts that aligned with what I wanted to create, to moving timeline by timeline, until I was fully basking in the energy of what I want to manifest - now it is already done! I am always blown away with her sessions of how much I am able to heal, release and shift in such a short time. I am creating what I want now with total ease and joy! Thank you Lisseth Wertz from the bottom of my heart for this incredible gift. I can't wait to share more of the unfolding!!!
If you haven't already signed up for #magicfesting, I STRONGLY recommend it if you want to increase your manifesting powewr X1000!!! Come play!"
Ashley Vernick

Is it challenging for you to be involved in most of the LIVE calls?

Now you have the opportunity to practice your MAGIC at your own rhythm!

                                I've decided to offer a "Home-Study" option which will allow you to move
through the program at your own pace!



                             This is a no brainer because you will get all the recorded calls from the
program, including all the bonuses!

This is what you will get:

8 recorded calls

Q & A recorded bonus call

All daily recorded Zoom calls

All Facebook Live videos done in the group--powerful because all the questions the participants have will be answered and you will be able to hear all the answers

Lifetime access to the Wizard Portal that will contain all this information

Bonus: 7 Manifesting techniques

Plus everything else that is offered and recorded in the LIVE experience.



We are now offering this option at a super low price:


As you Step into the Vibrational Space of
This song becomes your Mojo, your mantra, your beingness...

Magicfesting™ is not just another manifesting course! It’s an opportunity for you to uncover your soul mission and soul gifts, so you can get more into alignment with who you really are and step fully into your desire to serve the world.

Lisseth Wertz
Quantum Leap Coach


Lisseth is a Quantum Leap Coach who guides spiritual women in the art of consciously manifesting their lives and uncovering their soul mission by owning their soul gifts and embracing who they really are.

A few years ago, Lisseth was hungry for growth. So she started opening up and connecting with her angels. Without even realizing what she was doing, she would set an intention and ask for what she wanted, and it would manifest in her life.

For example, she wanted to have her first energy healing session, so she called a local place and they had one spot open that day. She booked the appointment.

Worried, she called out to her angels and said, “if I am meant to do this energy healing session, please help me get there on time."

But as the day went on, she was running out of time and still had to ship a bunch of boxes back to Amazon before she could go to her session. Concerned, she called out to her angels and said, “if I am meant to do this energy healing session, please help me get there on time.”

What happened next was a miracle. It was 5 p.m. and she was finishing packing up the third box when suddenly her dog barked. She went to the door to see who was at the door, and there was a UPS guy standing there. He had a box to drop off to her!

So she asked him if he could take the boxes she needed to ship and he said he could. She gave the boxes to him, saved herself a trip out of the way to the UPS store AND she made it to her energy healing session on time.

Whatever Lisseth was manifesting into her life, it was happening because she didn't doubt and she didn’t question what she was asking for, she just trusted.

And that trust continued when she felt pulled to become an energy healer, which was something she never expected. She started doing sessions with her family and friends, and soon after she had energy healing clients knocking on her door.

This opened Lisseth’s soul gifts in a big way.

After her second year of energy healing classes, she was feeling something was missing. As she asked to know what was that missing piece, she came across the Law of Attraction coaching program and her life and the life of her clients transform even more.

By bringing the Law of Attraction and mindset into her coaching and healing sessions, she became the catalyst for massive transformation in her clients.

The shift really came through mixing healing AND coaching. At times healing tends to be focused on what’s wrong, so bringing Mindset Work, opened everything up.

Lisseth manifested her soul gifts, which allowed her to step into her soul mission and purpose.

In January 2016, Lisseth was barely making $1,500 a month from her business. Today, she’s consistently having five-figure months and growing.

It all came down to uncovering and embracing her soul gifts and soul mission. And this is what she’s going to help you do in Magicfesting.